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The fun of exploration – how the dG turns everyone into a wildlife expert

März 03 2020


The fun of exploration – how the dG turns everyone into a wildlife expert

Our latest invention satisfies curiosity in all its facets. The dG is a smart optical device. Identify the wildlife you see, document your observations, and share your sightings.

Find out how the dG can enrich any birding adventure:

Independent exploration


Imagine you are taking a walk through a natural park with your friend. It is your first time here and you are not familiar with all the birds and mammals present.



You are lucky to spot several birds and animals with the dG.



Thanks to the linked apps, Merlin Bird ID  and dG Mammals, you are able to identify a common firecrest (Regulus ignicapilla) and a least weasel (Mustela nivalis) and document your sightings.



Together with your friend, you learn more about these fascinating species.


Share with others what you see


Have you ever taken a guided walk with a zoologist or ornithologist? It can be difficult to see the many fascinating details of your environment and to spot nature’s shy inhabitants as quickly as your expert companion.



But just imagine you could see the world through their eyes. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see exactly what they are seeing?



With the dG, this dream finally comes through. Thanks to its potent livestreaming, your guide can share his live experience with you.



Up to five devices may livestream the dG’s live video.

Watch wildlife like a pro and enjoy spotting more.


Curious to find out more?

Then check out this video and see how to identify, document and share your sightings with the dG.

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