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“Food is first. It’s why I’m a hunter.” – Allie d’Andrea

Oktober 28 2019

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“Food is first. It’s why I’m a hunter.” – Allie d’Andrea

Where do you source your food? Allie d’Andrea goes looking for her meat in the wild. A public land advocate and contagiously positive woman, she hunts for food and a connection to nature.


Food is first. It’s why I’m a hunter.”

Allie states very clearly that she would not hunt any wild game animals, if she could not eat them. She happily takes responsibility to provide her own alimentation and appreciates knowing where the ingredients come from. Although it is not always easy, harvesting her own food makes her feel fully connected to what she eats.




I hunt for food and a connection to nature.

Allie is one of those young hunters who truly experiences nature through hunting. As a lover of all things outdoors, she cares deeply about wildlife and about ensuring their territory remains healthy and plentiful. Keeping the natural balance by properly managing wildlife populations, their habitat, and public land for hunter access, is very dear to her heart. And: Allie loves a good challenge.




The adventure is the fun of the hunt, and the meat is the reward.

For this reward, she roams the lower 48 (also called “conterminous United States” consisting of the 48 adjoining US states plus the District of Columbia on the North American continent). She hunts primarily in the Rocky Mountain’s West for elk (also known as wapiti), pronghorn and mule deer, seizing the chance to backpack her way through the wilderness whenever possible. In the Appalachian Mountains of the East, she goes looking for turkey and whitetail, accessing public land hunting spots for the latter by kayak.




“SWAROVSKI OPTIK products are absolutely vital to my hunts.”

When out in the wild, Allie relies on SWAROVSKI OPTIK products.In her Z5 rifle scope, she very much appreciates the clear, crisp view. When aiming at a mule deer or whitetail, a lot of tension is involved. Excitement may put you on the edge or doubts may cloud your mind. As probably anyone who has aimed at a living creature will agree, it is a very intense experience. In such dire moments, it is good to have an equipment that gives you the surety you need.




SWAROVSKI OPTIK makes me a better hunter because I don’t have to worry about fussing with my scope.


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