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Tripod head free of charge

August 19 2019

Tripod head free of charge

The joy of observing nature enriches our life. Thanks to our curiosity, we discover the world’s fascinating creatures from a new angle every time. Immersing ourselves deeply in the scenery, unveiling hidden wonders, perceiving the finest details that tell the greatest stories. With our spotting scopes, you can comfortably watch wildlife for hours, forgetting the world around you. The ATX, BTX, and STX are inviting you to experience the preciousness of the moment and see the unseen.


Flexible bundles

However, a stable footing is key to an immersive viewing experience. Thus, we recommend you combine your spotting scope with further accessories (like a balance rail, tripod head, tripod, and phone adapter) so that you can enjoy the beauty of nature in a relaxed way.




This year, you have the unique chance to get a free tripod head whenever you purchase a spotting scope bundle consisting of 4 items. The promotion is valid in selected stores from August 1 until December 31, 2019, while supplies last.


In short:

Your purchase:

1 objective module (65 mm, 85 mm or 95 mm)

+ 1 eyepiece module (ATX, BTX, or STX)

+ 1 balance rail (BR) or phone adapter (VPA)

+ 1 tripod (PCT or CCT)

Your gift:

1 tripod head (PTH or CTH)



Further details:

Objective module

You may select the diameter and size that best meets your demand: 65 mm, 85 mm or 95 mm. Bigger objectives allow more light to enter the system, enabling you to see more in darker surroundings. Smaller objective modules have a lighter weight and are thus easier to carry with you on your expeditions.


Eyepiece module

Choose the kind of eyepiece you find most comfortable to use: angled (ATX), straight (STX) or binocular (BTX).

Check out the possible combinations in our e-shop: Configure product


Find your individually combined spotting scope set here.


Balance rail or phone adapter

The BR balance rail is an optional accessory that helps to ensure the whole system is extremely stable and well balanced.

Whereas the VPA variable phone adapter connects your smartphone to your spotting scope so that you can take extraordinary photos and videos to keep and share.





The leg segments of our tripods are made of high-end 6-layer carbon and provide a firm footing. Thanks to their high quality standards and genuine design, the tripods always remain steady, even when panning, rotating or observing.


The CCT compact carbon tripod (ideally combined with the CTH compact tripod head) is designed for people who need a stable tripod set that is intuitive to use, lightweight, and easy to carry when traveling or hiking.


The PCT professional carbon tripod (ideally in combination with a PTH professional tripod head) is designed to withstand the elements. This tripod unit offers maximum stability and comfort for long hours of observation and professional digiscoping with camera and spotting scope.




Free tripod head

Both the PTH (professional tripod head) and the CTH (compact tripod head) are equipped with a quick-release mechanism. Thus, it is easy to set up your spotting scope – quickly, precisely, and securely. The counter-balance system prevents the equipment from tipping backward or forward. The integrated fluid bearing ensures smooth, even movements.


The more you have to balance out front and back of the spotting scope (due to attached cameras, e.g.), the more we recommend to use a PTH. If your combination is rather compact, then you will enjoy marvellous viewing experiences with the CTH as well – and you will have to carry less weight.

For further information on the features of the different tripod systems go to: New tripod packages for a firm footing.




Closer to nature

Excellent optics enable you to get closer to nature and become one with your environment. Seize this chance and indulge yourself with an outstanding bundle that will get your heart racing during your next outdoor adventure.


Contact your dealer today and ask for your dream bundle. Find the dealer closest to you here.



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