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Merino beanie

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Every snapshot has its own unique story, its own unique trademark. Whether observed by a hunter, birder, or leisure photographer, depending on the viewing angle, the same scenario can look quite different. SWAROVSKI OPTIK’s long-range optical products open up a completely new world of discovery to you. They enable you to become fully immersed in marveling at and experiencing moments that touch the soul. We would like to relive these moments in our calendar. After all, the world reveals a great deal, and to look in the right way transforms mere snapshots into precious moments.

Hawk Merino Beanie

The lightweight SWAROVSKI OPTIK Hawk Merino beanie in dark green consists of an extrafine Merino wool lining. A majestic Hawk in anthracite is crowning the headgear.

Technical Data

Technical Data

100 % Merino wool extra fine

In addition to ergonomic design and innovative technology, our products are also distinguished by unmatched quality. We check every production step and every individual product for 100% quality prior to delivery. We therefore grant our customers an extensive warranty.

Our repair and service department will be happy to help you at all times if you have any further questions about the warranty on Swarovski Optik products.

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