Share your favorite game meat recipe

January 20 2020


Share your favorite game meat recipe

Respect for nature and its beauty is at the heart of hunting, in our eyes. We applaud all hunters who exercise their trade responsibly, in a sustainable, considerate, and lawful way, in harmony with nature. Thanks to your efforts, you maintain natural habitats by keeping game population in balance.


From the wild to the table

Additionally, hunting provides a sustainable and ethical source of healthy, local food. It is deeply rewarding to harvest your dinner in the wild to put a delicious meal on the table. There are so many ways to make the most of the gifts of nature.


What do you do with the animal you harvest?


How do you prepare the meat? What side dish best complements the game’s flavour, in your opinion? Which beverage do you recommend to accompany it? How do you decorate your dinner table before serving venison? What other use do you make of the reward of your hunt? Maybe you create unique jewellery, clothing, cosmetics, or other items?


We are currently collecting ideas from all over the world. The best creative input will be published on our website in 2020. Further information and the Terms & Conditions can be found by following the link below. Do not miss your chance to be a part of the community.


For the love of nature


SWAROVSKI OPTIK inspires people to love and care for nature. With your input, you are doing the same.


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