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Social distance - visual proximity

June 06 2020



In times of COVID-19 it is important to us to strengthen the sense of community in our clientele despite the social distance that must be maintained for health reasons. At the end of the day – the love of nature unites us all.


Hunting community

We asked hunters worldwide to what extent they were affected by the initial restrictions and how they dealt with the new situation. We shared these stories on our social media channels to turn social distancing into distant socializing.




Observing nature – the more the merrier

For our bird enthusiasts there was a Facebook live video twice a week, in which birders from Great Britain, Israel, Norway, Austria, Spain and the USA showed which fascinating creatures could be observed in their homes.

Impulses to remind you to become more aware again, to approach nature in a mindful way and with respect. Often the small wonders of life reveal the greatest secrets. It is our mission to ignite the fascination for the hidden and to inspire people to fall in love with nature.




Our further way

In many parts of the world COVID-19 is still very present. In Austria, the number of patients has been decreasing since the beginning of April, for which we are grateful. Shops are open again. Schools and restaurants are also opening their doors bit by bit in many countries around the world. Everyday activities we used to take for granted are now seen in a new light. We realize the luxury that lies in life's small pleasures.


The mind is free

One truth has become more apparent than ever: Even if our physical freedom of movement is restricted, our spirit is free. Nobody can take away our inner freedom. We can continue to dream ourselves into the distance, imagine a new future and let our thoughts run free. What we make of this opportunity is up to us alone.




New start after production stop

At our plants in Austria and the USA, we are doing our best to take the right steps in compliance with the strictest safety and hygiene regulations. The areas of the company that were closed in mid-March were gradually brought back up to speed. Since June, we have been able to work largely in normal operation in Austria, so that the usual busy clinking, whistling and hissing sounds can once again be heard in our production halls.




Would you like to know why farsightedness is worthwhile, what great sign of solidarity our staff has shown and how we continue to share the joy of observing? Then we invite you to visit our Corporate Blog. Our CEO, Carina Schiestl-Swarovski, will also be happy to give you some food for thought.

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