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Self-critical reflection and willingness to learn

June 06 2020

As a company, we have asked ourselves what lessons we can learn from the current situation and how we can grow as individuals, teams, and organisations.




Focus on human values

Carina Schiestl-Swarovski, our CEO, shares her thoughts on the matter:

"In these challenging times, I feel it's important to share some food for thought. A few weeks ago I came across the following quote, which I found very appealing:

‘Be the change you wish to see in the world.’  
Mahatma Gandhi




His words remind me of what matters in life: self-critical reflection and willingness to learn.

We humans often tend to demand change in others, rather than looking at our own backyard and asking ourselves: What lessons can I learn from the crisis? What changes do I need to make in me in order for something to change?

In the same way, we can ask how we can contribute to positive development through changed behaviour as a team, as an organisation or as a state. This is a valuable growth process that offers many opportunities to reshape the way we work together.




The current situation makes me both thoughtful and humble - and that is a good thing. Because - like all of us - I have not yet reached my goal, but I am on my way.

However, one thing became very clear to me during this time: love, consideration, respectful cooperation and helpfulness carry us through challenging phases. Even now these qualities, as well as a mindful and respectful contact with nature, will help us to survive turbulences and to grow from them.

The hawk's vision strengthens our back. Full of trust and confidence, we implement everything we have learned from the situation and thus continue our successful course."




Find out why farsightedness is worthwhile, what great sign of solidarity our staff has set, what we have learned in the course of the challenges and how we continue to share the pleasure of observing nature.

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